Medical & Health Market Research Reports

In today’s modernized era as there has been a drastic change in our lifestyle there has been an outburst in the medical and health industry. The medical industry manufactures electro therapeutic and electro medical apparatuses such as medical ultrasound equipment, hearing aids, magnetic resonance images as well as eradication tubes and apparatuses such as medical therapeutic and diagnostic, industrial, scientific and many more.

The global medical industry is going to experience tremendous growth in the coming years with a range of development and investment opportunities for companies looking out to enter in this industry or to expand within.

Particularly in India the top four medical industry participants hold a share of about 58.7% of the total industry revenue; this indicates that there is medium level of industry concentration. Small companies are common in this industry and these small companies are specialized in developing and manufacturing products and technology for a niche area. The larger players in the market often look forward to get their hands on these companies in order to enlarge their product offering or get access to a certain technology. During the past few years consolidation has swept the industry which has caused many companies to decline by 5.1% on an average.

Healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors in the country both in terms of revenue as well as employment. This sector consists of medical devices, hospitals, health insurance, medical equipment etc. The Indian healthcare delivery system is basically classified in two components i.e. private and public. The public healthcare system which is run by the Government works towards providing basic healthcare facilities in the form of primary healthcare centers in the rural areas of the country. India’s advantage lies in its large pool of well trained medical professionals. It has also a cost advantage as compared to Western countries and Asia relating to the cost of surgery in India.

It has been estimated that the Indian healthcare industry is worth about 65 billion out of which healthcare equipment and hospital supplies is about 5 million. There is a momentous scope for enhancing the healthcare services taking into account that healthcare is spending as the percentage of FDP is rising. Rural India accounts for about 70 per cent of the population in the entire country is going to have huge demand of healthcare and medical products in the near future.

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